10 Best Bbq In Alabama

Updated on: December 2023

Best Bbq In Alabama in 2023

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Smokin' In The Square
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Try Jim N Nicks BBQ in Knoxville, Tennessee for Southern BBQ

Jim N Nicks BBQ knows Southern food. Their slow smoked pork and chicken are served fork tender. Jim N Nicks BBQ is new to Knoxville. The only thing better than the food is the service we received.

After talking with the manager on duty I found out that this franchise is owned by Ruby Tuesday. That came as a surprise. Jim N Nicks BBQ is nowhere near the usual style of a Ruby Tuesday restaurant. The ownership is apparent in the building design but that's about it.

The decor is mostly country or cowboy themed. This fits well with the food served at the Jim N Nicks BBQ restaurant in Knoxville. Don't worry about it being too country. This is still an upscale place for dinner.

One of the interesting touches is the type of music that's played. It's a combination of bluegrass and Appalachian music. The song choices worked well for the restaurant. It was the perfect balance of being loud enough to hear but soft enough not to impede the conversation.

Hubby and I arrived at Jim N Nicks BBQ in Knoxville just after 7:00 pm on a busy Friday night. We were initially told to expect a 20 minute wait and given a pager. In reality, it was half of that which made Hubby very happy.

Our server appeared just after we were seated. Meghan was friendly and professional. It only took her a minute to get our drink orders (iced tea, $2.29 each) and turn in our appetizer.

We were still trying to decide what to order when our queso and chips arrived ($4.99). The queso is made from the traditional white cheese. At Jim N Nicks BBQ the jalapenos and pico are served on the side.

This isn't a large appetizer but it was served hot and presented well. It was a nice size for two people. If we were part of a larger party I might order more than one.

Everything on the menu sounded good. It was hard for me to choose an entre at Jim N Nicks BBQ. They all sounded good! Finally, I decided on the half chicken ($11.99). The sides I selected were cream spinach and macaroni and cheese.

Hubby chose the 2 meat combo ($14.99). He chose the beef brisket and pulled pork. The sides were french fries and creamed spinach. There was a $1.00 upcharge for the brisket. After diving in, he said it was worth every penny. A full menu is available online.

All of the food at Jim N Nicks BBQ is made fresh daily. The pork is smoked for over 14 hours. Every food item is made from scratch. This is different from most restaurants and you can taste it.

Perhaps that's why Jim N Nicks BBQ made Bon Appetit with their famous scratch-made cole slaw? The free recipe is available online in case you want to make up a batch.

Our order was fresh and hot when it arrived. Hubby dived in to his pork and brisket and pronounced it to be excellent. I found myself enjoying the chicken from the Jim N Nicks BBQ restaurant quite a lot. The creamed spinach and mac the cheese were also top notch.

Did I mention the cheese biscuits? These are the size of miniature muffins. A small basket was brought out with the drinks. They are made with plenty of cheese and have an interesting sweet flavor.

You won't want to eat too many of them because the entree is fairly large. In fact, most of my chicken was brought home in a doggy bag. Hubby had food left on his plate too.

As good as the food was the service was even better at Jim N Nicks BBQ. We had nonstop refills on our drinks. New ones appeared if by magic when our glasses got to the halfway point. Empty plates were cleared promptly.

When the meal was over Meghan fixed us up with two iced teas to go. It took her only a few minutes to bring the teas and the check. Even if it wasn't a crowded Friday night we would have been pleased. Considering that nearly every table in our section was filled the service was even more impressive.

Jim N Nicks caters and has a full bar. They also offer gift cards. What a great gift for birthdays or the holidays!

Here's the lowdown if you want to visit.
Jim '˜N Nicks Bar-B-Q
319 Lovell Rd.
Knoxville, TN 37922
Phone: 865.966.0853
Google Map
Sunday '" Thursday from 10:30am '" 10:30 pm.
Friday '" Saturday from 10:30 am '" 11:00 pm.
Price for the above mentioned items $41.02 with tax.

I guess you can tell that I'm looking forward to going back to Jim N Nicks BBQ in Knoxville. Hopefully, it will be soon. With a restaurant this good, why cook?

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Jim N Nicks BBQ
Bon Appetit

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